Interview: Joey Negro

Original Sin

According to Discogs, Joey Negro has released 716 remixes. Over a 27 year producing that works out to be 26.5 remixes every year. On top of that, he has released 67 of his own singles, EPs, albums and compilations. The truth of the matter is, that it’s probably not even half of what he’s made. How I would love to borrow his laptop and steal his music collection. I would need one big hard drive.

The disco and house producer, whose real name is Dave Lees, is prolific. Ever since he started producing music in 1986 he hasn’t stopped. Anyone would think that he was chained to his desk, but the truth is Lees loves music. He loves making it, he loves playing it and he loves dancing to it. He grew up in the hey day of disco in the `70s and it’s stuck with him. When he began…

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