DEEP HOUSE SYDNEY: High Spirits Warehouse Party Mixtape – Spiritual Pleasures #1 by Love’s Disciple | Deep House, Disco, Chicago, Soulful

High Spirits Warehouse Party Podcast Spiritual Pleasure’s #1 by Love’s Disciple

More Mixes and updates on warehouse party info HERE

We’re back for HIGH SPIRITS lucky number 13. Last party we featured the HIGH SPIRITS residents exclusively for the first time and to our delight it was the most banging party yet.

This time around we’re featuring the jackin’ sounds of JMS.

JMS is somewhat of an enigmatic figure in the Sydney underground house scene. He’s been part of the Paradise Lost crew throwing disco warehouse parties in undiscovered spaces for 8 years. He’s also one thrid of People Must Jam who’ve toured the likes of Rahaan, Al Kent and Frank Booker. He spent 2 years in Chicago working for a house music record distributer. Give him a Chicago house catalogue number and there’s a good chance he’ll know the record. JMS is also a private seller of back catalogue/out-of-press house music and has been a major supplyer for vinyl house djs in Sydney. Above all JMS jacks the house with a collection of records to rival most others. For our lucky 13th session we’re asking him to go back to his roots and rock that jackin’ sound all night long.

He’ll be joined by HIGH SPIRITS residents
Love’s Disciple
Steele Bonus

Its at a hide out in the inner west and you can get the details by signing up at the website



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