EVENT: Picnic & The House of Mince present Terre Thaemlitz (Live) at Club 77 | DEEP HOUSE DISCO SOULFUL


Picnic & The House of Mince have a little secret up our sleeves.

Well more a had really…

After our show at The Abercrombie THIS SATURDAY 200 of us lucky ones will make our way down to CLUB 77 to take part in something genuinely different!!


Under her real name, Terre Thaemlitz, will perform material from her SOULNESSLESS release and subsequent live show which led Halcyon to conclude that she “is easily amongst the most interesting and bravest of contemporary musicians and for that reason an asset to any artistic movement.”

The transgendered performer’s unconventional presentation goes well beyond a simple replaying of the 30+ hour-long multimedia album’s recorded work – it’s a combination of audio/visual content accompanied by commentary and dialogue with the audience, blended with passages of live audio performance and a range of other surprises.

We’ve handpicked truly exceptional local talent to compliment Terre!


and Sydney’s finest DJ, SIMON CALDWELL, will expertly thread it all together – as only he can!

We open doors at 8PM and we’ll make sure you hold on to your DJ Sprinkles ticket print out – cause that will be what gets you in!!!

DJ SPRINKLES SHOW: https://www.facebook.com/events/184086448425524/





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